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The Modern Parent's Guide to Facebook and Social Networks

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The Modern Parent's Guide to Kids and Video Games

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Why Video Games Are Good for You: Expert Guide

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Technology for Kids

Discover the hottest new technology trends, high-tech toys, apps, software, websites and online services for children of all ages, and the role they can play at home.

Expert Advice

Get hints, tips, how-to articles and guides to choosing the technology that’s right for you, including expert advice on healthy ways to enjoy it in everyday life.

Real-Life Tips for Moms and Dads

Learn positive real-world strategies and constructive solutions for introducing, monitoring and supervising the use of high-tech products and services by kids.

Parenting Books for Today's Generation

Designed for today’s high-tech parent, The Modern Parent's Guide is a new series of digital parenting books that offers positive, real-world solutions for managing technology’s impact on your family, home and everyday life.

Built for a generation of parents and professionals whose children are surrounded by high-tech gadgets, online services and downloadable apps and software wherever they turn, each volume aims to make technology and consumer electronics safe, fun and simple.

Topics Include:

  • Internet Access, Web Browsing and Online Safety
  • Apps, Software and Online Services
  • Social Media and Social Networking
  • Video Games: PC, Console, Free, MMO and Online
  • Television Use, Computer Use and Screen Time
  • Digital Music, Movies and Entertainment

Founded on three guiding principles – education, communication and participation – all advocate that knowledge and understanding are key to helping parents and kids make better, more informed decisions.

Parenting Expert Scott Steinberg

Parenting expert Scott Steinberg is the creator of the The Modern Parent’s Guide book series, host of popular video show Family Tech: Technology for Parents and Kids, and one of today’s most sought-after keynote speakers and expert witnesses. Hailed as a top voice for today’s high-tech generation by dozens of publications from USA Today to Forbes and NPR, he’s covered the field for 400+ outlets from The New York Times to Nickelodeon and Rolling Stone. A frequent on-air for all major TV networks including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CNN, Scott’s also a syndicated business columnist for Inc. magazine. Beyond acting as a frequent keynote guest speaker and media commentator, he hosts several popular video shows including Tech Industry Insider, Gear Up and Game Theory. A proud parent and working professional, he claims he'll sleep when they start giving away a free lifetime supply of anxiety medication with each new child.

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